The leading safety technology and exceptional in-vehicle tech for the Ford Ranger are worth seeing at Barber Ford in Holland, MI! Whether you want a Ford Ranger for driving long distances for work or you need a truck that is great for adventure vacations, the Ford Ranger with premium technology is definitely worth checking out!

The Ford Ranger has auto high-beam headlamps, which are great while night driving. You can relax when there is oncoming traffic and still be able to see well because your Ford Ranger will easily adjust your lights for you. You will also have less low-visibility situations when everything is automatic!

The Ford Ranger also comes with great apps such as Ford + Alexa and FordPass. The FordPass app allows you to remotely lock and start the Ford Ranger. Also, you can access information about your truck and schedule service when needed. Finally, the FordPass app can help you find parking when you are in a highly-populated area!

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