Tire traction impacts a vehicle's precision on the road. If some tires lack traction, an automobile won't effectively steer around a curve. In the automotive world, the newest drain trains are built with technologies that detect road conditions. The Ford Escape's Intelligent 4WD System has this type of monitoring technology, and it complements other standard systems.

When the Ford Escape travels along a highway, its Intelligent 4WD System tracks the road conditions very rapidly. Typically, within every 16 milliseconds, the hardware checks the terrain and tire traction. Then, if needed, it will distribute power to tires that lack grip. In many cases, the rear wheels usually need torque transferred from the front tires to increase traction on rough roads.

Curve Control and Torque Vectoring Control work well with the 4WD system. You can check out both system while test-driving an Escape. Barber Ford has Ford Escape vehicles that are available for test drives. We serve consumers in multiple neighborhoods in Holland, MI.

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