As you are looking for a small family vehicle, the Ford Fiesta ST is worthy of serious consideration. This is a stylish hatchback that has really grown in popularity. Check out the performance features described below and then check the car out at Barber Ford.

Wheel slippage will no longer be as big an issue with the standard AdvanceTrac feature that is included with the Ford Fiesta ST. If your wheels start to slip, the engine will immediately alter its torque and your brakes will engage. This is a safety feature that you will certainly appreciate.

Each of the four disc brakes on the Fiesta ST is large and contains aggressive pads. This results in an anti-lock braking system that allows the car to stop on a dime when that becomes necessary. It does not matter what type of road you are on. Test drive the Ford Fiesta ST today when you come by Barber Ford.

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