Why Choose The Ford Edge ST?

Out of all the performance-based SUVs that are on the market, the Ford Edge ST is a standout automobile. This particular SUV hosts a premium interior as well as displays an optimal exterior. Unlike other sports-model SUVs, the Edge ST is truly primed for greater performance.

Consumers can choose from a myriad of exterior colors, including ruby red, Baltic-sea green, white platinum, magnetic gray and many more. For the interior, the Ford Edge ST offers two interior colors. This includes ebony and ceramic. On the other hand, the Edge ST has a modernized cabin that's very futuristic in appearance. One of its best features is the rotary-gear shifter. The Bang & Olufsen sound system provides thumping sound quality that's concert-like. FordPass technology allows you to remotely lock/unlock the vehicle as well as find parking ahead of time.

We're offering free test drives of this magnificent SUV so stop by our location today for further assistance.

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