Ford Super Duty Is Built for Extremes

One the construction site or on the farm, the Ford Super Duty can handle the payload and get the job done. When you need a truck that is reliable, the Super Duty’s superior engineering gives you confidence in the reliability of your equipment. The Super Duty’s engineering exceeds the demands of everyday use and is ready for the extremes.

The Ford Super Duty uses heavy-duty components, such as larger brakes, a heavier frame, and tough aluminum alloy for the body. They test these trucks in extremes under real and simulated circumstances. For instance, the Super Duty was tested under temperatures from -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It did not fail under those conditions, so whatever you subject it to will be a breeze.

If you need a tough truck that can take it, you need to come to Barber Ford and test drive one today.



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