Ensure Smooth Transfers between Drive Modes

Have you noticed your vehicle struggling to get into 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive mode? It could be an issue with your transfer case. Regularly replacing your transfer case fluid is an easy way to keep your 4WD/AWD vehicle running smoothly.

In 4WD vehicles, engine power is spread between the front and rear axles. In AWD, power is distributed to wheels that have the most traction. In both types of vehicles, a gearbox called the transfer case is responsible for distributing the power. The transfer case requires lubricating fluid to function correctly. The fluid degrades over time and needs replacement. Vehicle manufacturers provide a transfer case fluid replacement schedule. During transfer case inspection, fluid leaks can also be found.

A qualified service expert can inspect your transfer case for leaks and replace old fluid if necessary. Contact the service center at Barber Ford in Holland, MI today to have your transfer case inspected.

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