The Ford Fusion: Fuel Efficient Tech Makes This Sedan Stand Out

If you're in the market for a tech-savvy sedan, you won't be disappointed by the Ford Fusion. This popular midsize sedan comes with an array of great technology features, including the SmartGauge and regenerative braking.

The Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi come with the SmartGauge, a dual LCD screen guide that gives drivers real-time details about their driving performance. They can access gauges for lithium-ion battery power and engine power, and check whether they're close to the gas engine threshold. By using this feature, drivers can optimize their fuel efficiency. The regenerative braking technology also helps improve efficiency. In standard cars, pressing down on the brakes leads to a loss of kinetic energy. When you use the brake system on the Fusion, however, the energy is sent right back to battery.

The Ford Fusion is an excellent choice for local drivers who value fuel efficiency and cutting-edge technology. Stop by Barber Ford soon to take the Fusion out on the road!



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