Recall on Select 2017 Ford Focus Vehicles is in Effect

If you own or lease a 2017 Ford Focus, it may be under recall. Ford is aware of a problem having to do with the welding of the second-row seatback on the left-hand side of the vehicle. Approximately 700 vehicles in the U.S. may have inadequate weld penetration, which could result in reduced strength, creating a higher risk of injury in a crash.

To date, Ford isn't aware of any injuries associated with the issue—in other words, this recall isn't happening because someone got hurt. It's a purely preventative step to correct a defect that was discovered before it becomes a problem.

What should you do?

Give Barber Ford a call at our service center: (866) 981-2836. We'll inspect your vehicle, and replace the rear seat if it is one of the ones affected. Because it is a recall, you won't pay anything out of pocket for the repair.

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