Ford Innovation Sees the Future

For such a tradition rich car company like Ford it is exciting to see a consistent embrace of change and innovation throughout the business. With investigations into autonomous transportation and sustainable mobility, the Ford Motor Company has been innovating quickly. One of the newest innovations within the company is the integration of augmented reality into the design and development process with the help from HoloLens.

Ford and HoloLens Meshing Reality with the Future

Ford has adopted and expanded its testing of mixed reality technology using Microsoft HoloLens to visualize the future of their vehicles. The technology allows for designers and their teams to overlay current production models with future style improvements to gain speed in the design process. This integration makes the design process better for being able to see what designs will physically look like without having to create a model and not to mention the cost and time savings of moving the whole process to the digital realm.

As you saw in this vehicle, the value of the mixed reality design experience allows designers to better visualize and interpret the changes they make to vehicles. In this particular video you see how the designers can immediately see the effect of changing the size and shape of a side-view mirror, a process that normally takes days to weeks to do.

Ford is pushing forward to develop and design vehicles focused around you as a driver. If you are interested in a new vehicle with a driving experience focused around you, come by our Holland, MI location for a test drive today.

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