SYNC 3 – Packed With Features

For many drivers, having the latest in technology is a big deal. For such drivers, the SYNC 3 is a must have for their future vehicles. Ford's new infotainment system is packed with a variety of features that make the driving experience incredible. Let’s explore several of those excellent features today!

The SYNC 3 includes simple music search, an intuitive touchscreen, hands-free voice recognition, and even climate control. SYNC 3 allows you to stay safe on the road by using your voice to activate many of these features. This advanced software allows you to launch many of your favorite apps simply by using voice-control. In addition to these features, SYNC 3 also includes an Easy Destination Entry which makes it easy to locate hard-to-find local attractions. The SYNC 3 will work with almost all mobile phones including Android and Apple devices.

See your local Ford dealer, like the team at Barber Ford, today to get information on the amazing SYNC 3.

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